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Hazardous Material Regulations          Qualification and Maintenance of IBCs

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Regulations - 49 CFR 178.703 Marking

IBC Performance Marking

    un    31 HA 1  /  Y  / __  __ / USA / GBC / 3731 KG / 2073 KG

(i)                 The United Nations symbol as illustrated in Sec. 178.503(e)(1). For metal IBC’s on which the marking is stamped or embossed, the capital letters `UN' may be applied instead of the symbol.

 (ii)               The code number designating IBC design type according to Sec. 178.702(a). The letter ``W'' must follow the IBC design type identification code on an IBC when the IBC differs from the requirements in subpart N of this part, or is tested using methods other than those specified in this subpart, and is approved by the Associate Administrator in accordance with the provisions in Sec. 178.801(i).

(iii)             A capital letter identifying the performance standard under which the design type has been successfully tested, as follows:

(A)  X--for IBC’s meeting Packing Group I, II and III tests;

(B)  Y--for IBC’s meeting Packing Group II and III tests; and

 (C)  Z--for IBC’s meeting only Packing Group III tests.

 (iv)             The month (designated numerically) and year (last two digits) of manufacture.

 (v)                The country authorizing the allocation of the mark. The letters `USA' indicates that the IBC is manufactured and marked in the United States in compliance with the provisions of this subchapter.

 (vi)              The name and address or symbol of the manufacturer or the approval agency certifying compliance with subparts N and O of this part. Symbols, if used, must be registered with the Associate Administrator.

(vii)            The stacking test load in kilograms (kg). For IBC’s not designed for stacking, the figure ``0'' must be shown.

(viii)          The maximum permissible gross mass or, for flexible IBC’s, the maximum net mass, in kg.

1040 L / 95 KG / 69 kPa / __ __ / __ __

(1) For each rigid plastic and composite IBC, the following markings must be included:

(i)                 Rated capacity in L of water at 20 deg.C (68 deg.F);

(ii)               Tare mass in kilograms;

(iii)             Gauge test pressure in kPa;

(iv)              Date of last leakproofness test, if applicable (month and year); and

(v)                Date of last inspection (month and year).

 Inner Receptacle Marking

The code number designating the IBC design type,


The name and address or symbol of the manufacturer,

GBC, MXXXX, Name & Address, etc. 

The date of manufacture and the country authorizing the allocation of the mark as specified in paragraph (a) of this section;

Date or Small Circular Date Mark





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Qualification and Maintenance of IBCs

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